Who is she?

I’m a part-time vegan, full-time sweets lover. I like to experiment with recipes from awesome tasteyness to down right should have thrown it in the bin but ate it anyway.  I’m clumbsy with a touch of precious. A combo that does not favour me very well. I should tell you now I’m a terrible speller and tend to get sayings confused. Keeps my friends amused.

I love to run, shin splints and flat feet accompany me everywhere I go. The word ‘challange” makes me itchy. There’s no better feeling then sweating it out. The Year of You

I always wonder with all the excercise I do why don’t I have a body like this, and then I remember. . .  I eat cake for breakfast and it is goooood.

This blog is about one thing – and that’s feeling awesome. Once upon a time I tried to cut chocolate out of my life. I definitly did not feel awesome and the people around me definitly knew about it. I’ve tried all sorts of different diets (and I don’t mean the weight loss ones). I’ve tried gluten free, vegan, sugar free, caffine free. Everyday I feel like I’m getting closer to figuring out what suits me and what efffects me in positive and negative ways- I’m  on day one again for giving up coffee and it is rough.

So this word keeps coming up time and time again: Balance. Sounds so simple. Maybe eating cake every morning for breakfast isn’t the way to go. But cutting cake out of my life completely is utter maddness.

I am 100% committed to my new challange, feeling awesome all of the time.

In this blog I will document all of my findings and how I feel about them. I haven’t died yet so we’re off to a good start. I’ll be looking at recipes and nutrition, exercises, tricks to life and some great sayings to keep you me going.


3 thoughts on “Who is she?”

  1. Niamh, I love it, you are not only beautiful outside but on the inside too.
    I love your candour, it’s what makes this so readable. Looking forward to hearing how the coffee fast goes, keep going, sometime what we love can be so toxic.

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