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2 Week Clean Eating Challange

I tried out this 2 week Clean Eating Challange on Buzzfeed and loved it. The meals were yummy, I was never hungry and my energy and motivation picked up. Shedding a few pounds, that snuck on with long days at work, was an added bonus. Definitly a good one to get you back on track.


Clean Eating

The meal plan was disigned for spring/summer, so there’s a lot of salads in there. I’ll be creating my own plan this week for more heartier, comfy recipes to warm the cockles.

I was’t the most strict on myself but I’ve learned a little more about portion control and I’m off the coffee again – yaaay!

Yes prep and effort is involved but it’s all there in the plan, it couldn’t be easier. Give it a go, you’ll feel awesome especially in the run up to the biggest eating event of the year. Christmas that is.

Now to keep it up.

All images taken from: http://www.buzzfeed.com/christinebyrne/clean-eating-challenge


Shashouka A130731 Food & Wine Handbook Nov 2013

This dish is amazing for the cold wintery days. When you fancy something soupy but with a bit more substance – this is your man!

It looks kind of just like eggs, tomato sauce and a bit of greens but oh boy is it so much more.

You can switch the greens out for kale, spinach or anything you like really. It has a long ingredients list – don’t let this scare you. It’s so good.