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Who said I fell off anything??

Boot camp was not made for summers in my opinion. Week one was OK, week two was great and now I don’t remember when my last workout was. Dun dun dun!!! They were lost in a cloud of bbqs and lounging in the sun, yes a lot of cake was also consumed!


I don’t know what’s worse the fact that I missed a tonne of workouts – we’re talking weeks – or the fact that I don’t even care.
The summer is for hiking, biking, swimming, running and all that good stuff we do outside – working out in a different way.

Well it rained yesterday so back to boot camp and I’m feeling ready and excited again!


Jillian Michaels has an awesome 30 day shred video and it’s on youtube. My fav piece is that it’s only 20mins, and you can choose your level.
My secret motivator’s been sweating away so I’m feeling the pressure to get back to it!


Come join me!