My Secrets to a Happy Life

Only eat delicious food.

Don’t pick a fight when your tired.

Nap more.
people say ‘sleep when your dead’. yeh right – I am an intollerable piece of work when I’m tired.  so nap time – yes please!

Give up the stuff that makes you feel like rubbish.
yes coffee I’m talking to you.

Don’t decide when your tired/upset.
maybe I should rethink the coffee situation after a nap.

Challange yourself
and allow yourself to fail

Stop making excuses
– you sound ridiculous.

Don’t make promises when your happy.
you’ll just get yourself into trouble

Laugh a lot.
when you think that’s a lot, laugh some more.

Stop worrying about others.
they’re big girls and boys – they’ll figure it out.

Before freaking out, stop, check yourself, are you being ridiculous?

Try new things. Meet new people.

Don’t Whinge

Always tell them you love them.

 Now will I actually follow any of these.  Hmmmm











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