Banana Pancakes

Banana PancakeI think pancakes are just the business. Crêpes are pretty good too but I’m all about the pancake. I’ve tried so many gluten free variations buckwheat, spelt, oat flour but in the end they’re all quite heavy.

Today I saw a link to a recipe that has just changed my life. 2 ingredients. No messing about. And it’s gluten and dairy free, but most importantly it tastes delish.

1 portion makes two medium pancakes:banana egg

1 egg
1 ripe banana

Mash the two together, if you prefer smooth pancakes then blend it up. I think the lumpier the better. Add any extras that you’d like, chocolate chips, honey, cinnamon. Heat a pan and slap on some coconut oil/butter. Pour in the pancake. Once you can lift it off easily turn over for 30 secs and voila.Image

This morning I had it with some blueberries. So yummy and filling. Set me up for the day.

Honestly this was the quickest and easiest pancake I’ve ever made.



One thought on “Banana Pancakes”

  1. There has been some amazing feedback on the banana pancakes.

    Some love them saying they’re light but filling and super easy to make.
    Some say they turned into scrambled banana on the pan. (you need a hot pan)
    And some say they hated them but quickly followed that they either hate pancakes or bananas – I’m sorry these pancakes are not for you my friend.

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