Coffee – Why don’t you love me?

Have you ever been in a situation where you are infatuated by someone. You see them everyday and you can’t handle being without them. Maybe a work friend. All morning you can’t concentrate, you’re thinking about them, waiting for them to arrive just so you can see them. And when they do arrive well . . . the world changes. They smell irresistible, being around them makes you feel so good. Giddy even. And then they look at you with those come to bed eyes, (even though you’re probably just imagining it) that look that melts your heart. They’ve got you hooked.

But devastatingly you realize over time, you don’t even have to ask – you know it – they do not love you back.

This is how I feel about coffee.


I work at an amazing bakery called Purebread in Whistler, Canada. And we do the best coffee around. A customer said it was the best in North America, I’m not going to argue with that. We use Stumptown. Roasted in Portland and Seattle. I could give you some pretentious coffee descriptions but all you need to know is that It is bloody good stuff!Coffee3

Another great love of mine is Red Rooster Coffee. Roasted in Galway and sold throughout Ireland. If you haven’t had it yet and you think you’re a coffee lover then get up and get some!Red rooster coffee

I love coffee, some people say that I don’t really love the taste I’m just addicted. Well I’ll tell you now, yes I’m addicted but that doesn’t change the fact that I Loooove coffee! I’m a one coffee a day kind of gal. Sometimes. When I’m having a long day, or a tiring day, or a great day, or a day where I’m eating a lot of cake and I just want more, then I become a two or three coffees a day kind of gal. It doesn’t take much to persuade me. Working in a bakery means that I’m standing beside ovens most of the day, sweating buckets. And then I go to a hot yoga class and I fill some more buckets. I drink a lot of water. Depending on the day anywhere from 3 – 6 liters a day. You would think that I should be good right? Wrong – very wrong.

Hot Coffee

Even just one cup of coffee can start me off to a very thirsty day. My skin then becomes unbelievable dry. Like wake up in the middle of the night scratching, it’s that dry. It’s not news to me that tea and coffee are diuretics. But this is a little far.

However, what was news to me is that the tannins in tea and coffee and wine can inhibit the absorption of vitamins and minerals into the body. A few months back I was struggling with iron levels and a Naturopath advised to get rid of tea and coffee out of my life. It’s getting in the way.

This random man that doesn’t even know me tells me I can’t be with the one I love. Well he can go get . . . ok maybe he knows a thing or two.

ImageGiving coffee up is rough. Luckily I don’t drink wine with my breakfast every morning. Every time I give it up I get headaches, nausea, I am a walking anti-christ. Life just becomes difficult. It took 2 weeks to get over these symptoms. By week three I thought I was in the clear so I should celebrate with a coffee. Dumbass!

In saying all of that when I’m not drinking coffee I feel wonderful. I don’t have highs and lows. I have more energy and I am a lot more hydrated. I can start absorbing vits and mins again. My mood is better also. I’m a lot more tolerable at every point in the day. Despite my love for the stuff feeling awesome trumps every time.

Right now I’m on day three of giving it up again. And it’s going ok.


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